NTI brings decades of experience to the design, project management and installation of network cabling infrastructure.  Each member excels in and can certify the installation of the top manufacturers in our industry.  Commscope, Panduit, Leviton, Molex, AMP, Seimon, Belden, ADC, Berk-Tek, Ortronics, Corning…..

In addition to design, installation and customer support, NTI provides designated project managers for all of the services clients call out for including move, change, & add support necessary to keep your organization moving forward without delay or downtime.


Apart from design and installation, NTI has the potential to deliver consistent and technological audio visual support for your nationwide facilities.  From help desk functions and programming to maintenance.  We’ll remove the headaches associated with audio visual firms that can’t deliver what they promise.  You and your company will ALWAYS get an honest and fair evaluation of your project and an assessment of its future needs in the form of the necessary training/education and maintenances.


With the support of cutting edge security manufacturers such as Softwarehouse, Casi Rusco, and Lenel.  NTI will provide a strong foundation for your card access and video security needs.  All too often nationwide and worldwide offices are linked via their security systems, making consistent support of those very systems so vital to global corporate security and the peace of mind of the security teams that manage those systems.


Many NTI members have the capability to manage and install those annoying dedicated outlets for UPS’, HVAC, and network equipment.  This value add gives the end user or IT professional the flexibility to solicit, contract with, and pay one company instead of managing multiple meetings, quotes, site visits, vendor instructions and purchase order requests.